Give a gift this year that’s good for both them and the world (at least according to their marketing) with Gilt Exclusive Winter Care Package by Level Naturals. This all-in-one care package is filled with 8 products designed to please all the senses while warming the soul during the harsh winter months.

This all natural product set includes everything from fresh aroma spray to detoxifying soap and is the perfect gift for any gender. It includes:

  • 6 pack of winter bath bombs that are loaded with fragrance and essential oils
  • A 100% soy candle which burns cooler and lasts longer
  • 6 pack of of ylang ylang and rosewood bath bombs
  • 100% grapefruit scented soy candle
  • Natural soap with grapefruit and bergamot oils
  • Natural soap with tea tree and activated charcoal
  • Natural soap with dragon’s blood and spice
  • Grapefruit and bergamot room and body mist

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