Our puckers can get so parched in winter that even slathering on all of the lip balm in the world can’t help you. That’s where lip scrubs come in. GlaMER Lips Organic Lip Scrub sloughs off dry, flakey skin with organic sugar, and then hydrates your lips with natural ingredients such as organic unrefined coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, and pure vitamin E.

After having clients repeatedly complain about their dry lips, makeup artist Mercedes Porredon-Segal, a.k.a. Mer, created the line to smooth and prep clients’ lips before applying makeup. These vegan, cruelty-free and USDA organic lip scrubs are all handmade and come in three flavors: lemon, bubblegum, and coconut.

Product: GlaMER Lips Organic Lip Scrub

Price: $10 – $22.95

We Think:


How to Use: The lip scrub comes with a tiny wood spatula to help you scoop out the scrub. But because the spatula is flat rather than more spoon-like, I had trouble keeping the scrub on the little spatula as it traveled to my lips; it kept falling into the sink. So instead, I’d scoop out a small amount with the spatula and place it on my finger to apply it to my lips, working it in using a circular motion. Since the scrub is made with USDA organic sugar and other all-natural ingredients, you can actually lick off the scrub or simply rinse with tepid water, and then apply lip balm.

Results: GlaMER Lip Scrub is like a mini-facial for your pucker, but gentle enough that you don’t feel like you’re abrading your lips. It left my lips soft and supple and left me thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” I also loved the vacation-inspiring coconut scent.

Disclaimer: I received GlaMER Lips Organic Lip Scrub as a sample.

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