The 2016 Olympics is kicking off in Rio de Janeiro and even though you may not be there to partake in the festivities, you can still showcase your support starting with your hands. Prepare your nails with one (or more) of these winning design ideas inspired by Rio.

#1 Brazilian Flag.
Be inspired by the Brazilian flag colors: yellow, green and blue. Use bubbly letters on the middle three fingers to write the word Rio.

#2 Neon Centric.
Paint each of your nails a neon color like the Olympic rings. Paint one finger solid red, the next one blue, the one after that gold, and the other one green. Paint your thumb white and use it to sport all the rings. Your thumb will have miniature red, blue, gold and green rings.

#3 Brazil Beach Mani!
If you’re into the island spirit, rock a Brazilian nail-do inspired by palm trees and a diamond studded ode to the Brazilian flag.

#4 Olympic Vintage.
Go with a vintage Olympic feel with a taupe base. Complete the ring finger and middle finger with colorful Olympic rings.

#5 Olympic Glitter.
Spice up your vintage look with a little glitter. Try the pearlescent top coat and five -ring accent nails.

#6 Represent #TeamUSA.
If you’re representing #teamUSA, you’re going to love this patriotic look. Paint the thumb and pinky fingers red and white stripes. Paint the index finger blue with white stars. Paint the middle finger white with the Olympic rings. Finally, paint the ring finger white with the Olympic gold medal.

#7 Aquatic shade anyone?
Use the Rio logo as the primary shade on your fingers. Top it off by creating a fun five ring accent nail on both hands.

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