Cultivating balance in your life is an intuitive way to enhance happiness and health. When you make deliberate choices to brighten your life, you grow stronger and more joyful. These are 10 secrets that happy women know.

One: Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something
Listen when your body tells you you’ve had enough to eat and push that plate away. Don’t really care for that third or fourth cocktail? Put the bottle down. Feeling stressed? Hit the gym or go for a walk. You’ll be happier if you pay attention and act on your body’s messages.

Two: Rest is a Restorative
A good night’s sleep keeps you feeling safe and grounded as well as energized. It’s really no fun to run to another business appointment or social engagement when you’re ready to drop. Go home, shut off the computer, dim the lights and get some rest.

Three: Calm Mornings Elevate Mood
Don’t start your day on a chaotic note. Eat breakfast at a relaxed pace, meditate and work in some stretching exercise. Leave plenty of time for your commute so that you don’t arrived at the office a frazzled wreck. A calm start to your day will boost your mood and elevate your energy.

Four: Junk Food Is the Enemy
Eating real food will keep you satisfied and happy. Processed junk food will leave you hungry again in a short time after eating. Junk food also puts unnatural ingredients into your body and spikes your blood sugar. Nourish your body with the natural, real whole foods it craves.

Five: Water Can Boost Energy
Dehydration can lead to brain fog. Keep water close at hand during the day to boost your energy levels, and think twice before imbibing sugary colas.

Six: Put Your Body in Motion
Moving even just a little every day eases stress and increases immunity. Want to feel strong and happy? Raise those endorphins with some daily exercise.

Seven: Vegetables Make a Difference
Where can you find the nutrients that will keep your body moving ahead at full speed? They’re packed in those colorful vegetables that carry a punch. Give your body what it wants and learn to love fresh produce.

Eight: Maintenance Beats Rehab
Invest in fitness so that you stay healthy and happy. Keep on top of your body’s needs by scheduling regular doctor’s appointments, indulging in a massage and joining that gym. A little maintenance and prevention feels a lot better than rehabilitation.

Nine: Be Happy
Smart women know that laughter and love keep us happy and healthy. Make time for the people you love, and spread a little light to strangers as well.

Ten: Focus on Your Blessings
Positive people recognize the gifts they’ve received, and they remember to be grateful. Focusing on the things you lack is a sure way to feed negativity in your life. Be grateful.