There are many widespread beliefs about hair care that are downright wrong. For instance, would you believe there are some people who think dirty hair is good for hair growth? Many assume that the less you wash and style your hair, the fewer chances you have for breakage. In reality, when you don’t wash your hair, it gets greasy build up and can harbor an unpleasant odor. So, washing your hair often is a good thing.

Another myth that’s widespread regarding hair is that cutting it makes it grow faster. It’s good to schedule a trimming to minimize split ends, but it doesn’t help it grow.

Here are a couple other widespread myths about hair care:

  1. More shampoo suds means cleaner hair: More suds doesn’t always mean cleaner hair. Actually, the more suds means the harsher the detergent in the shampoo is, which can strip the hair of it’s much needed oils.
  2. Split ends can be fixed: Sorry, the truth about split ends is, once they are split, it’s over. You just don’t want it to continue splitting.
  3. More brushing means healthier hair: If you remember, Marsha from the Brady Bunch used to brush her hair all the time to make it healthy and shiny. But according to experts, that doesn’t help. Excessive brushing may do more harm to the hair because it can damage the hair’s cuticle.

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