Sometimes the key to looking younger is in your hairstyle. There may be some hair style no-nos you’re doing right now that are aging you. For instance, not updating your hair style. It’s easy to fall into a routine with your hair. When this happens, you could end up looking older than what you really are. You should look into switching up your style at least every 10 years. That may mean wearing a different color, or trying a new cut.

Another style that may age you is wearing too blunt bangs. Instead of going with bangs that go straight across, try framing your face with wispy bangs. Dyeing your hair too dark is another mistake a lot of women make. They may do it to cover up the gray, but you may want to opt for multi-tonal variations such as highlights.

Are you using the blow dryer or curling iron often?

This can cause heat damage which dries out your hair, which makes you look older. When using these products, be sure to use things such as a heat protectant and deep conditioner to keep your hair healthy and moisturized to withstand high temperatures.

Is hair spray one of your go-to items? It could be aging your look. Anything that makes your hair look stiff and prohibits natural flow of the hair will date you.

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