New York Fashion Week is underway and the styles are fierce. Both seasoned designers and new designers are dominating the catwalk with the next trends in fashion. Just as important as the clothes, however, are the hairstyles. After all, no outfit is complete without the main attraction – the hair! Here are some trends we are seeing during New York Fashion Week so far…

The Twisted minimalism vibe.
Achieve the look by blow drying your hair straight with a round bristle brush. Afterwards use a straightener all over to tame stray hairs. Make a deep side part, comb the hair to the top and hair spray it down. Take two sections, each about an inch from your temple and comb back and across and hold it with an elastic band. Repeat this on the other side.


The Wild side vibe.
Unleash your creativity with these punk-inspired looks. You can go with the insanely long hair look or sky high spikes. Rainbow braids fit the trend too.

The Chill Surfer vibe.
Let them know how chill you are with this look. Allow the waves to settle on your hair for a while. Then add a bit of Rough Paste to give it a chunky, matte feel.

The Elevated Ballerina vibe.
This elegant look can only be achieved by maximizing the shine. You do that with a glossy style cream. Then section your hair off into top and bottom ponytails. Twist the ponytails around both bases counter clockwise and hold with hair pins.

The Beach Sex vibe.
This look is so sexy. Wet the hair with a spray bottle from roots to the ends. Apply a cream all over then brush it straight back. Take a diffuser to dry the hair and add texture then spritz on some hair shine to achieve the wet look.

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