Full cheeks, a round chin and heart-like cheekbones are the trademarks of this cherub-like face shape. Since you are all sexy curves, your best strategy is to add the angular movement of layers to balance your features out.

“Layers are the best friend of a round face shape,” says Guido, YouBeauty Hair Advisor. “There is so much you can do with layers to customize a look that works perfectly for you, to emphasize the contours of your face that could otherwise get lost in a sea of hair,” he adds.

Getty ImagesAshley Olsen
Ashley Olsen

If you have straight or wavy hair
Straight and wavy strands tend to fall against the face, which means your hair will take on the round heart shape of your face if layers aren’t present. A side swept bang or shorter layered pieces that caress the cheekbone will help bring out your natural bone structure. The one area where layers should refrain from hitting is at the chin, where strands will fall in a way that may make your face look unflatteringly rounder.

Longer hair lengths that fall below the chin are the easiest to pull off with style, since gravity will do the work of pulling hair into a fuller bottom position that balances out features. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up short hair if you love it; just go for a bob that is angled from short in the back to longer in the front, so that the face-framing pieces don’t hit at the chin.

Getty ImagesZooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel

If you have curly hair
While many mistakenly think that the thicker volume of curly hair only emphasizes the width of a round face, the truth is that the texture can work to your styling advantage. “The good thing about curls is that when the length is longer than the chin, you achieve a natural weight that does some of the work for you by pulling the hair down into a more elongating look,” says Guido.

For especially curly hair types, you can transform some of the bulk into a more svelte finish with the use of triangular layers. The technique cuts straight across pieces held up from the crown, and then cutting strands held out straight at the sides and back in a downward angle, causing hair to lay flatter. Paired with a deep or symmetrical part, and you’ve got even more contrast to your round shape.

Getty ImagesAshanti

If you have highly textured hair
Highly textured types often complain that strands can rest against the widest part of the round heart shape—the cheeks—and pouf out into a shapeless triangle that lacks spark and movement. The solution is to actually cut triangular layers around the crown so that hair hangs sleeker. Triangle layers are cut straight across strands that are held up straight from the crown, and by cutting pieces held out straight from the sides in a downward angle. An extra bonus is that this technique allows the top layers to keep the crown from falling flat.

If you enjoy experimenting with extensions, this is the perfect shape to pull off long, sweeping layers that are highlighted by a deep side part and cascading layers that all work to accentuate your bone structure.


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