GUIDE: Best Haircuts for Your Hair Type

It’s a universal truth among women that nobody, we repeat, nobody, is completely satisfied with her hair type.Straight haired ladies with the long, flip-worthy locks that curly gals covet complain that thier hair is too limp. Women with thick coils fret over frizz, while those with wavy hair sigh about thier inconsistent curl pattern.

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Newsflash: It’s not your hair type, it’s your haircut style. The right cut can make every head of hair behave. Give your straight hair the perfect cut, and you’ll go from flat to full-of-life. Cutting your wavy, curly or highly textured hair with precision will leave you frizz-free with bounce in every step.

Not to mention, a well-thought haircut will take less time to style in the A.M.In the following pages we examine the most strategic short, medium and long hairstyles for straight, curly, wavy and highly-textured hair types. Start your research here before making a trip to the salon to get the best haircut for your hair type.

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