Your YouQ®is a patent-pending system that reflects your inner and outer beauty, measured with our proven quizzes.Nine life factors are proven to affect beauty: nutrition, sleep, mind, relationships, face, hair, skin, health, and body and fitness. Our quizzes measure them.We convert your quiz scores into your YouQ to help you to understand each factor’s relative importance to your beauty. For the first time, you can compare how different aspects of your life affect your beauty.Get Your YouQ – Take a Quiz, Now! Your score falls on a scale of 0-200. A score of 200 means that you’re expressing your full beauty potential; zero means you have more to give. Remember: Your score reflects what you’re telling us, not what we think of you. We hope it’ll inspire you to give yourself the care and attention you deserve.

What Does a Low YouQ Mean?

A low score does not mean you’re not beautiful. What it means is that you have the potential to express more of your innate beauty. Classic starlet Judy Garland is a great example of an attractive woman who’d have a low YouQ. Garland had troubled relationships, problems with drugs and alcohol, and little happiness or satisfaction with life—all factors that affect health and beauty. She was a gorgeous woman, but she had so much more beauty to offer. That’s what your YouQ is about—feeling, looking and being the beautiful person you are.

Track Your ScoreYour quiz results are shown in your YouQ Graph (pictured above) on your private profile. The graph shows your overall score for each of the nine categories that are proven to affect your beauty.When you take a quiz in one category, you’ll see a bar graph appear. Scrolling over the bar will reveal your total score, the quizzes you’ve taken in that category and any quizzes you still need to take in that category to get the most accurate overall score.Clicking on each category (ex. ‘Mind’) will show your scores for individual quizzes.Raise Your ScoreThe more quizzes you take, the more opportunities you have to raise your score (and boost your beauty!). After each quiz, you’ll get action steps with healthy habits. Give them a try, then come back and retake the quiz to see your score go up. Take each quiz as often as you like. As you raise your YouQ, you’ll look, feel and be your most beautiful self!Understanding your YouQ will help you make positive changes in your life. You’ll know which areas need your attention most and see your hard work pay off as your score goes up. No one else sees your YouQ—it’s just for you—but raising your YouQ means loving life, feeling amazing and radiating beauty.Get Your YouQ – Take a Quiz, Now!