The point of YouBeauty is that beauty equals health, not supermodel looks. We believe that taking care of your mind, body and spirit is the path to real beauty—the kind that radiates from the inside out.But we also know how important it is for your outside to reflect how you feel on the inside, and those bags under your eyes might be there because of genetics, not because you’re tired.There are times when the way we look drags us down, and we don’t feel as confident as we could be.Because of that, we believe that plastic surgery (an eye lift, a nose job, etc.) or minimally invasive procedures (Botox and injectable fillers) may be right for you, if you do it safely and with the right mind-set.Liposuction won’t make your troubles magically disappear. Botox can’t make you love yourself. Rhinoplasty is serious surgery, not a quick fix.QUIZ: Do You Fat Talk ? Find Out for a Better Body Image.Treat plastic surgery, injections and lasers with the same respect and caution you’d reserve for any other type of medical procedure. There are a lot of unethical people out there looking to make a quick buck. Do your research to find a qualified doctor.Here’s a hint: If you see a sign for walk-in Botox appointments, run.Above all else, only have a cosmetic surgery or procedure to please yourself, not someone else.Trust YouBeauty’s expert panel to help you get real about plastic surgery and other procedures: Plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Perry, dermatologist and psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler and psychology professor Dr. Art Markman.At YouBeauty, we’re here to help you look, feel and be as beautiful as you can be.Read more about plastic surgery:How to find a reputable doctor.What is Botox, exactly?And find out which celebs regret going under the knife.