From the loins of We Tried It comes He Tried It, a column where the women of YouBeauty give a male friend one of our beauty products and make him report back after using it for a week. Next up, we have Bobby, who tried a week with refreshing mist:

The Man: Bobby Miller, 29-years-old, software engineer

The Product: I tried Pixi by Petra’s Glow Mist — that is to say I sprayed it into my face several times.

What were your expectations going in?

There’s some text at the bottom of the container that reads “Nourishing, Hydrating, Protective” which all sounds pretty good for one’s face. I do not wear makeup, so a lot of what the product attempts to do with restoring and revitalizing makeup might not apply to me.

What’s your normal skincare routine?

I wash my face regularly with whatever soap is available (which might be a mistake!). I’ll use an almond scrub occasionally. During the colder seasons if my skin is feeling dry I will use moisturizer.

Day One:

I simply read the instructions, shook the Pixi by Petra’s Glow Mist bottle a bunch to mix up all 13 natural oils, took aim, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. <PFFFFF>. Phew, that wasn’t so bad. Hmm, it smells pretty refreshing — slightly floral and fruity and definitely not overwhelming. Is my face even wet? Maybe it just dried super quickly… or… maybe my skin absorbed all 13 natural oils. My skin does feel slightly oilier to touch. So am I glowing yet?