An omelette can be a delicious way to start your day as a balanced breakfast or brunch. Heck, we even love a good omelette for lunch or dinner! But depending on what you fill it with, though, it can also be a total calorie bomb. Here are some tips to help you keep your omelette part of a healthy eating plan.

1. Pick meat or cheese.

You’re already getting plenty of protein in the eggs, so look at meat and cheese as accents to add a hint of flavor—a little goes a long way. Choose whichever one appeals the most. For example, you can add some grilled chicken for a mother and child reunion situation, or dress up some veggies with a light grating of Gruyere or a tablespoon of goat cheese.

2. If you pick cheese …

Go easy. Remember, it’s going to melt and spread, so no need to go all-out. Choose part-skim or use a small amount of high-quality, flavorful cheese you love. You can also try cottage cheese or part-skim ricotta for something a little different.

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