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Back in February, we heard the unfortunate news that Hilary Duff was filing for divorce from hubby of almost 5 years, Mike Comrie. Since then, she’s been keeping busy being a Cosmo covergirl, vacationing on sandy beaches (complete with a bikini selfie) and now… hitting up the salon for some brand new blue hair.

SheKnows reports that some in the Twitterverse are expressing concerns that this may signal a downward spiral, a la Amanda Bynes, who rocked the same “mermaid” blue last year when she was also behaving a litte erratically (in November she Tweeted that she was diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive). This is kind of disheartening, because from reading recent interviews she’s done, including her Cosmo article, she actually seems like a very well-adjusted celeb. Just because Hilary chose the same pastel hair shade, doesn’t mean she’s also going through some mental health issues, too. Blue hair is not the universal symbol for “breakdown,” last time we checked.

In fact, blue hair seems to be a common hair color of choice in the celeb world. Some of the most memorable:

Katy Perry (she really got into character for that Smurf role)

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katy perry blue hair

Kylie Jenner, who has since launched her own line of hair extensions, so that we can all have the choice to go blue whenever we want

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kylie jenner blue hair

Demi Lovato (another one with a hair extension line to spread the gospel of funky ‘dos)

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demi lovato blue hair

Nicole Richie, hair chameleon extraordinairre

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nicole richie blue hair

What do you think of Duff’s new ‘do? Would you ever go blue? Let us know in the comments below!

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