How many eyeshadow palettes are in your collection? While eyeshadows are a staple in any makeup routine, they have a few downsides. For example, eyeshadows can be patchy, unsaturated, hard to blend, or have no staying power.

Cream eyeshadows can level up your makeup game thanks to their flexible and versatile formula. In addition, cream shadows are
often overlooked because they may not seem as exciting as a 35-pan eyeshadow palette.

Why Should You Try Cream Eyeshadow?
Cream eyeshadow can help you complete an eye look within seconds. These products are rich and velvety, so you can wear them on its own or pair them with other eye products. In addition, they’re ideal for no-makeup-makeup or minimal effort looks.

Benefits of Cream Eyeshadow
Cream shadows provide multiple benefits, the first being they aren’t as chalky or stiff as regular eyeshadow. They provide an extra burst of pigmentation and can define your eyes with just one swipe.

So what else can cream eyeshadows do?

Cream eyeshadows are blendable. Most cream shadow formulations are designed to be diffused with ease. Also, you won’t notice any patchiness or lack of color payoff when blending cream eyeshadow like you would with powder eyeshadow.

You’ll notice that cream eyeshadows are packed with pigmentation. As a result, you can achieve a bold eye look with just one swipe of the applicator. Cream eyeshadows are lovely to reach for and create bold, colorful, neon, or glittery eye looks.

Because cream shadows are versatile, you can easily sheer them out for a subtle finish.

Available in Multiple Finishes
Cream eyeshadows are available in varying finishes, just like powder eyeshadows. You can shop from matte, satin, shimmer, glitter, and metallic cream eyeshadows. Each finish suits a different occasion, or they can match your mood.

Cream eyeshadows are budge-proof. Most brands ensure cream shadows have a water-proof formula to last throughout the day. This allows you to wear cream eyeshadow by itself if you please.

Also, most cream shadows will dry down to a powder finish to avoid any color from slipping or smudging around the eyes.

Double as an Eye Primer
Cream eyeshadows make a goof-proof base for eyeshadow. They can intensify any of your favorite powder eyeshadows and even act as a primer because they provide longevity.

Finally, cream eyeshadow can provide a natural approach to eye makeup. Some cream shadows will have a sheer formula or a more neutral color scheme. Also, liquid products are bound to look less intense than layering on powders.

How to Use Cream Shadow
Thankfully, cream eyeshadow is easy to use and beginner-friendly. One of the best ways to apply cream shadow is to follow your cosmetic brand’s direction. Or, you can apply it however you please and tap into your creative side.

Here are some tips on how to start using cream eyeshadow.

With your Fingers
Cream eyeshadow can effortlessly be applied with your fingers. The fingers can quickly warm up the cream shadow so it becomes more blendable. This technique will also help achieve a natural and sheer finish.

Blend with a Brush
You can never go wrong with applying the cream shadow with a brush. A brush allows you to pack on the product and strategically blend cream eyeshadow. This technique will enable you to define your eyes exactly where you want.

Layer Them Together
Lastly, you can layer multiple cream eyeshadows together just as you would powder eyeshadow to create depth and dimension.