Ian Charms proves you don’t have to stick to plain gold and silver jewelry. Nowadays, most people are looking for a way to express their individuality. As a result, we’ve seen an upsurge of expression through hair, makeup, and nails.

But what about jewelry?

Luxury jewelry doesn’t have to look dull or drab. In addition, your staple jewelry will last a lifetime. Ian Charms creates a perfect middle where you can tap into your creative side while still purchasing high-end and high-quality pieces.

About Ian Charms
What makes Ian Charms so unique?

You can browse Ian Charm’s collection to see they’ve stood out from the competition by providing personalized pieces. This jewelry brand feeds your inner child and allows you to have jewelry that’s a conversation starter.

Ian Charms is an L.A.-based and female-owned brand. According to their about page, it’s “ Name Ian Charms because the creator’s last name (Lisa Sahakian), like many Armenian names, ends in those three letters.”

About The Jewelry
Does Ian Charms look familiar? It’s been featured in various publications like Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, high-profile celebrities have adorned Ian Charms like Justin Beiber, Pete Davidson, Madison Beer, and Dua Lipa.

You can create your own custom Ian Charms piece. Ian Charms allows you to have creativity in your grasp and create jewelry that speaks to your soul and makes you proud to wear it. Also, you can shop from finished pieces online.

All Ian Charms jewelry is hand-made in L.A.

What to Shop
It’s crucial to note that Ian Charms has a hefty price tag. However, it’s worth the investment in return for originality and craftsmanship. Also, the beads are made of glass and ceramic, which can also explain their high price point.

The Ema Necklace ($175, shop here):

The Ema Necklace is a 17-inch piece that will make a statement. You can instantly spice up your outfit with these bold beads. It features an array of smiley faces, stars, fruits, dice, and punchy hues.

Ian Charms recommends pairing this piece with a baby tee or a top with various cutouts and graphics.

The Bobby Tank ($35, shop here):

Are you not sure you want to pair with your Ian Charms jewelry? Thankfully, Ian Charms also has an apparel line. The Bobby Tank is a classic white, ribbed, and cropped tank top that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

This white cropped tank features the funky Ian Charms logo with an outline of a strawberry. The Bobby Tank runs small, but Ian Charms claims it’s designed to stretch out.

How to Care for Ian Charms
Ian Charms has unique beads to craft their jewelry, which must be handled with care. They recommended avoiding soap or dropping your necklace because it can damage the glass or ceramic beads.

Also, avoiding contact with makeup, sunscreen, perfume, or lotions will be wise, as harsh chemicals in these products can tarnish the quality of your Ian Charms necklace.

Will you be trying anything from Ian Charms?