Do you ever dream of having long, luscious, silky hair but can’t seem to give it the growth jump start it needs? Or your hair grows super slow and takes months to reach Repunzels-little-sister lengths? Maybe when it finally does grow out to your desired length, you find your long hair tends to feel dry and brittle.

Whether you’re still suffering from the after-effects of the pixie cut craze or just looking to take your length somewhere new, attaining the growth is nearly impossible without a complete lifestyle overhaul. We’ve seen everything from DIY treatments to the overzealous popping of prenatal pills for the vitamin boost. Fortunately, new treatments are coming on the market that cut through the old methods in a novel way. One such company is The Hair Fuel, which provides topical scalp stimulation specially formulated to encourage follicles.

I’ve always been someone who continually fluctuates in wanting long and short hair. I’ll cut my hair short, love it for a few weeks, and then go back to wanting long hair. It’s a constant cycle, but unlike the magic Barbies of the old days that could ‘regrow’ their hair, it’s not as simple to get back to the long locks. FYI, Barbie had extensions.

I’ve tried everything from supplements to horse shampoo for speedy hair growth, but nothing fully gave me the results I was looking for.

The Hair Fuel is an all-natural, vegan hair growth mask that you actually feel working on your scalp. It speeds up your hair growth, reduces hair loss, and strengthens hair follicles. I was skeptical of this at first, but once I applied the mask and felt it tingling on my scalp, I knew it was working.

The application process is simple. You’re given four sachets of oil and four sachets of powder, a bottle to mix it all, and a shower cap. All you have to do is combine the oil and powder, add in some water, and shake. You then apply the mask to your scalp, put on the shower cap, and then a beanie or a hat to seal in the warmth. You can use a conditioning treatment to the lengths of your hair, so you moisturize while the mask stimulates the scalp.

From here, you should FEEL the mask working. And by that, I mean, you should feel a tingling, warming, and slightly burning sensation on your scalp. The ingredients all symbiotically work together to improve the blood supply to your scalp. Keep the mask in for up to 45 minutes and then shower with your regular hair washing routine. It’s as simple as that.

I added in The Hair Fuel hair mask to my regularly secluded self-care day, which means I was multi-masking (doing a hair mask and a face mask at the same). So keeping up with it definitely wasn’t a problem. I did the mask once a week for four weeks, and I was shocked with my results by the end of the month. In just one month, my hair grew over 2 inches AND felt thicker and healthier than ever before. Not only was the process of The Hair Fuel mask fun, it actually worked.

It takes years of trial and error to find a hairstyle that works for you, but The Hair Fuel makes that process a little bit easier. This luscious-locked writer is a convert! We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident in ourselves, and your hair can play a big part in that.