Since working out at the gym isn’t an option anymore, we’ve had to bring the gym to us, which means at-home workouts. Workout studios have transitioned their classes to virtual sessions, YouTube is full of workout videos, and you’re bound to see at least one ab workout with one scroll through Instagram. Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t work out!

And although you might not have all the equipment and space you get at the gym, you can still get a great workout in at home. But having these workout essentials accessible at home definitely helps:

Resistance bands

If you don’t get any other workout equipment, at least get resistance bands. Resistance bands are an almost sure way of having an intense full-body workout using no weights. You can use them for a variety of exercises, from arm raises to squats.

Exercise Mat

To have an excellent at-home workout, all you really need is your body and a soft surface. An exercise mat is a necessity for home workouts since it helps you do floor exercises more comfortably.

Jump Rope

An easy but effective form of cardio is jumping rope. You can work up a sweat in just a few minutes of jumping rope, and it’s great to throw into a HIIT workout.

Medicine Ball

While you can still have a great ab workout with no weights, a medicine ball definitely helps. You can use a medicine ball to strengthen both your core and your arms.


Dumbbells can be used in practically any workout and are essential to have in your at-home gym. You don’t even need a bunch of different weights, all you really need is 2. Plus, they’re affordable and can be found at most department stores.

Foam Roller

Stretching before and after a workout is super important, and using a foam roller helps with tight muscles and soreness. It’s not a necessity, but it’s definitely nice to have for a post-workout stretch.