Snip, snip! Sometimes a haircut changes your life for the better, but other times it can send you spiraling into a crying jag. Since a bad haircut is everyone’s most dreaded beauty tragedy, we asked Master Stylist and Co-Founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons, and celebrity hairstylist, Marc Anthony, the founder of Marc Anthony True Professional, for the best way to handle a botched cut with dignity and grace (i.e. not throwing an adult tantrum at the salon).

1. Be Clear About Why You Aren’t Happy

If you feel like your cut isn’t going as planned, Marc Anthony reminded us to be clear and speak up. “Explain exactly what your preferences are. This way, the stylist may be able to make some minor revisions or understand the vision better so it can be incorporated into a future look,” Anthony explained.

2. Carefully Complain

It can be hard not to immediately run up to the manager when unsatisfied with a chop, but Anthony believes it’s vital to proceed with caution. “Start with the hairstylist, let them know how you feel and a true professional will offer up some type of plan to improve the situation and actually call the manager over,” he said. “If not, then the manager should be notified.”

3. Tip Accordingly

Since getting a haircut is such a personal service, the tipping procedure can be an awkward experience if you’re unhappy with your fresh cut. We say it’s completely up to you and your experience in the salon. If the shampoo was great, show a bit of appreciation and tip the person who scrubbed your locks. However, Edward Tricomi confirmed that if you’re seriously displeased with your hairstylist’s work, you’re under no obligation to tip them at the end of your service.

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