4. Whether or Not to Pay

Since salon haircuts can cost upwards of a hundred dollars, it can feel very painful to fork over a chunk of cash for a cut you’re unhappy with. Tricomi believes that “the salon should just try to do everything they can to satisfy the customer. They have to do everything in their power to make it right.” Nonetheless, if you’re really and truly disappointed with the service, Marc Anthony verified you should not have to pay. (Obviously, this is the nuclear option for when your bad haircut was really atrocious.)

4. Avoid Future Fails

Ultimately, the best way to handle a botched haircut is to prevent it entirely. Although it might seem strange, Anthony thinks it’s best to stop someone on the street when you see a good cut, especially if the person has the same hair type as you. He said, “it’s a win/win scenario because who doesn’t like a compliment and now you know which salon to book a consultation with!”

When all is said and done,  if you’re still left with a bad chop after leaving the salon, we have a few tricks for fixing up your ‘do.

  • First, be sure to accessorize right. It’s easier to distract the attention away from a bad haircut if you invest in the right accessories. “There can be ways of camouflaging a fringe that is too short depending on the type of hair,” Anthony said. “A bobby pin or barrette can help at times. And remember, a ponytail can hide a myriad of sins.”
  • Second, be patient and let your hair “settle in.” Waiting for a hair to grow back in can feel like a lifetime, but Anthony believes that a haircut can change after only a few short weeks. “Once it ‘settles’ in you can do a bit of tweaking by shifting the shape a little,” he said. “Keeping it healthy as it grows so you don’t end up cutting off more to correct damage.”
  • Lastly, remember that a bad haircut is not a tattoo. It’s not permanent!

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