True story: I once saw a woman pull off face jewels and she wasn’t even about to rave. In fact, she was at work. “How did you do that?” I asked even though the answer was obvious – she stuck them on her face and went about her business. For those of us who need some schooling before we look effortlessly hip, we turned to badass fashion and beauty brand Dolls Kill, where inspiration is drawn from “Tumblr girl world, bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylized gutter punks”. They sell everything from classic Manic Panic to Rihanna-themed nail decals and, thankfully, multiple variations of face gems. We asked Dolls Kill Stylist & Buyer Arianna Barrera to walk us through the best ways to rock the look while we still have Summer Fridays.

If you’ve never worn face gems before, Barrera suggests to start with “a set that has less of a variety of gem color or shape,” like Dolls Kills’ Monte Face Jewels ($12). Start by placing them around the eyes and cheeks, accentuating your features just like you would with your makeup. If you look great with a dark liner, go for a more heavily jeweled undereye. If brows are your jam, then place your gems above and below.

Barrera notes that you don’t need to add intense makeup to compliment the look. “What works best is just adding gems on to your daily makeup routine. If you want to take your face jewels to the next level, just add some lashes,” she says. (For simple makeup and bold lashes, try this Sahara Face Jewels ($16) eye-focused look.)

One crucial tip from Barrera, “Just make sure if you’re planing on going out and dancing use eyelash glue to set the gems in place and that will ensure they’ll stay on your face the whole night.”

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