Metallic lipstick can have an ’80s feel to them – and not in the good retro way. Buy the wrong shade, and you look like you’re going all Jem and the Holograms. But thanks to the wide range of metallic colors now available (waaaay more than just a frosted pink) and the improved formulas you have to choose from, it is possible to sport metallic lips to the office without looking costume-y.Here’s what you need to know:1. Choose a metal-ified version of a color you already know works for you. If you want to skip straight to silver lips, that is totally your prerogative – and we admire your spunk! But if you are new to the metallic look you’ll want to start off slow by choosing a shade that’s pretty similar to the one you usually wear. If you stay in the nude/brown family, go for a light copper. If red’s your thing, find a metallic or slightly golden crimson. Prefer pink? Aim for a rose gold. Lipstick Queen’s Metals collection is a great place to start. (The more daring amongst us can try NYX Cosmetics, whose new Wicked Lippies come in metallic teal, cobalt and forest green.)2. Go easy on the rest of your makeup. When you wear a dynamic lipstick, balance out the rest of your look by going lighter on eye makeup, especially during daylight hours. “If the focus of your makeup is going to be your lips, pair down the rest of your make up. Adding in a subtle metallic highlight to the cheeks will really bring the look together,” said Courtney Tichman, the brand manager and director of product development for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, who make their trademark lip tars in metallic shades from gold to purple to black. A flesh-colored eye or a bit of brown or black eyeliner should do the trick.3. Try layering colors. A great way to test-drive any new lip color is by layering it with one you already love. Covergirl’s Blast Flipsticks, which have two complementary lipstick shades in one pack, are a great way to do this – pairings like “Snap” (chocolatey brown plus pale metallic pink) and “Stunner” (bright pink with glittery gold) give you metallic options without meaning you have to invest in a lipstick you may not like or wear a lot. You can layer these colors on top of each other or try more of an ombre look, with the metallic color on the inner part of the lip and the matte color on the outer. Finding the right colors to complement your face is all about the color wheel. As Tichman explained: “Typically if you follow the natural undertone of your skin when choosing any lip color, matte or metallic, you can’t go wrong. For example, I have a yellow/olive undertone to my skin, so colors that are more yellow-based look best on me. If you have more of a pink/red undertone, blue based colors usually look more harmonious.”4. Use a lipliner. Even if you don’t usually wear lipliner, this could be a great time to start. If you’re experimenting with brighter, bolder colors than usual, you don’t want to run the risk of it going past your lips or having the color run. Liner is the best way to “set” your lips in place – think of it as tracing the outline before you fill in the color. Your kindergarten coloring skills are totally coming in handy here.5. Experiment with texture and finish. There’s way more to metal than just matte lipsticks. If you don’t want to commit to a rich color or texture, try a gloss or stain either on its own or on top of your favorite lipstick. Before you know it you’ll be sporting Tichman’s favorite shade – Technopagan, a blue and purple metal mix that is definitely not for the faint of lip.