Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could just snap a selfie without having to edit the shit out of it to make it insta-worthy (don’t pretend you don’t do it too!) – I mean, hello, who doesn’t want to take a fierce selfie the first try every time, right??

Well, super sexy, silver-haired makeup artist and entrepreneur, Jay Manuel (who always made sure the ladies on America’s Next Top Model were looking fabulous), has the solution for this, literally! You know how he always looks like a super human with his impeccably applied makeup? Well, he’s finally handing us the keys to perfection in the form of a very sleek tube. His new cosmetic line features a skin-perfecting foundation that’s about to blow the filter off your selfies for good!

Painting the picture of perfection with every brush stroke, this medium-coverage silicone-based foundation builds into a pore-less finish. The secret behind this magic in a bottle? Micronized silk (soooo glamorous!), which has a blurring effect that makes fine lines and wrinkles practically vanish! The collection boasts 12 shades, ensuring a perfect match for every skin tone. And the unique design of the tube features a soft plastic front, allowing you to easily squeeze out the product at a controlled rate!

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Courtesy of Jay Manuel Beauty
Courtesy of Jay Manuel Beauty

Product: Jay Manuel Beauty Skin Perfector

Price: $38

We Think: 

love-it long-lasting tried_luxurious-feel_100


How To Use It: The foundation is incredibly rich and creamy, so it spreads easily across your skin, and you don’t have to use a large amount to achieve a flawless finish. Since it is medium coverage, I would recommend starting out with a smaller amount (around the size of a nickel) and continue building it up until you reach the perfect level for your skin type. Use a slightly damp beauty sponge and pat to spread product evenly across your face and down your neck.

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Results: Flawless. Seriously, the moment I started using this product, I began getting so many compliments on how great my skin looked in pictures! The second I touched my brush to my cheek, it instantly veiled my skin’s imperfections and the luxurious velvety finish makes me feel like an airbrushed life-sized doll. I love every second of it! It also stays in place all day, so you really don’t ever need to touch it up! I am absolutely obsessed with this foundation, and the affordable price just adds an extra sparkle to this dazzling product!

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