This year has been filled with lots of beauty trends from wine-stained lips and heavy contouring to smoky eyes and matte eye shadows. But when it comes to the hands, make no mistake, nail trends were on the rise. Take a look at the biggest nail trends of 2017 and see which ones are worth taking with you into the New Year.

’80s Nails – This year we saw a lot of throw back nail designs. Slightly frosted and slightly shimmery pink toned nails were all the rave.

Foil Nails – To pull this look off, you have little strips of metallic foil, cut, and placed in mosaic-level designs on the finger nails.

Blitzed-Out Nails – This look involved layers of metallic polish and ombre’ glitter along with lots of gems. This is the perfect look for a festive occasion.

Negative Space French Tips – Have you the seen the nail trend that looks like most of the nail didn’t get polished? This nail trend is the replacement for classic French tips with a modern color twist.

Phrase Nails – Who doesn’t love a message on their hands? That’s what the phrase nails are all about. Add your name, your message, your beliefs, or whatever you want that can fit inside of 10 characters or less.

Mismatched Nails – Just as trendy this year were the mismatched nails. This trend involves painting different nails, different colors. It looks cool as all shades complement each other.

Single Striped Nails – For a low maintenance kind of nail art, go for the single-striped look. It’s basically the free-handed design straight down the middle.

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