What it is: Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil, $28 What it does: Hydrates parched, chapped skin, leaving behind a healthy-looking glow and a barrier against future dryness.Why it works: Is it a cream, or is it an oil? It’s both—and we think that’s really cool. The star ingredient is nourishing, ultra-hydrating argan oil, with a supporting cast of more than a half-dozen other oils including coconut, tangerine peel, macadamia and kukui nut. But there’s nothing greasy about it and it’s not messy or runny when you squeeze the tube. The oils are mixed with shea and mango seed butters and beeswax, resulting in a surprisingly thick, creamy texture that sits on your skin until you massage it in.That’s when the magic happens. The heat of your body and the friction created when you work it into your skin breaks down the cream and melts it into a silky oil that’s great for dry areas on your face, hands or wherever else you need some pampering. (One of our editors recently returned from a snowboarding trip, battered by wind, cold and sun—it basically transformed her face from sandpaper to smooth in three days flat.) You can wear it as a nightly facial mask, gloss your lips with it, tame your eyebrows or use it like a hair oil.Why you care: More than half (52 percent) of the YouBeauty readers who took our Skin Age Quiz report having rough, dry skin on their faces. The oil in this will help hydrate and soften, and the butters and waxes will seal in that moisture.MORE: Get Rid of Dry Skin For Good