What if I told you there was a way to come as close as physically possible to drowning in chocolate without having to swim? What if I told you that the way to do it was through a skincare routine? No, it doesn’t involve a series of chocolate-filled swimming pools owned by the wealthy, and no, it’s not too good to be true: you can in fact coat your face in the nectar of the gods and walk out of the experience with better skin to show for it. Weird, right?

Karin Herzog‘s Swiss Chocolate Facial combines — you guessed it — Swiss chocolate and “the organic properties of oxygen” to give you one hell of a relaxation experience while also cleansing and rejuvenating your skin. I was told growing up that eating too much chocolate would make me break out, so I was surprised to learn it could also have benefits for my complexion! Come to find out, chocolate helps with hormone balances, moisturizes, and acts as an antioxidant.



Product/Treatment: Karin Herzog Swiss Chocolate Oxygen Facial

Price: $160 for an at-home set (available individually packaged from $27-$70); also offered at spas

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How To Use It: The four-step process begins with a cleanser and is followed by the mystical Choco2 Cream, an oxygen-filled potion meant to stimulate collagen and give the complexion a little TLC. After this came my favorite part, the Chocolate! (exclamation point necessary) moisturizer, topped off by its hydrating cousin, the Chocolate! lip balm.

Results: The experience felt and smelled like a thick, warm chocolate ganache oozing all over my face (for once, I find the word “oozing” to be applicable in describing something that isn’t disgusting). I admit I have never actually allowed chocolate ganache to drip onto my face in the kitchen, but I can’t really imagine it feeling like anything other than the way my facial felt. It was cozy and rich, like taking a power nap without my head ever hitting the pillow. When I finished the process, my skin was glowing. Part of that glow was just plain shininess, and that shine was extremely visible right after the treatment, but it thankfully faded as time went on and gave way to a fresh-faced gleam.

After the treatment, my skin’s consistency was dramatically different for several days. The change was so drastic that it inspired me to take my skin’s health more seriously and completely revamp my daily routine. After all, knowing that a smoother, more vibrant version of my own face was hiding somewhere under there made me want to find ways to bring that out every single day! Now that I am putting much more care into my skin routine, I’m going to be presumptuous and speculate that I’m likely on track to look exponentially younger in a few decades than I would’ve if I hadn’t gotten the chocolate facial and thus switched my skincare mindset. So hey Karin Herzog, thanks in advance for making me the soon-to-be hottest babe at my future retirement community!

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