In honor of National Lipstick Day, the powers that be at YouBeauty decided it would only be fair to choose a celebrity who killed it this year, lipwise, and honor her. But who would be our Lipstick Queen? Perhaps Rihanna and her ’90s nude shades. Or Kylie Jenner, who caused a shortage of her favorite MAC lip pencil. It could have been Ilana Glazer and her IDGAF color choices. But at the end of the day, there was only one right answer: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, aka Katy Perry, aka National Lipstick Day Champion, forever in our hearts and on our Pinterest pages. Let’s look at some photos of her lipstick choices, shall we?:

When It Matched Her Wig

katy perry wonderland
Wonderland Mag

With flamed-out eyeshadow and an auburn wig, this photoshoot showed us what Katy would look like as a villain from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

When She Was a Boss

katy perry forbes

Katy became one of the few women to cover Forbes earlier this year, and she did it in pink lipstick.

When It Matched Her Watermelon

this is how we do katy perry

The “This Is How We Do” video was excellent fodder for anyone looking for summer beauty and/or life inspiration. Katy’s hot pink lips and cartoon(?) watermelon is a How To for the perfect summer day: hot day + hot lips + cold pool = pizza earrings. Thanks, Katy!

When It Matched Madonna

katy perry v mag
V Mag

When you have a big day ahead of you – like the day you shoot a magazine cover with Madonna – always, always go with classic red.

When She Didn’t Settle

katy perry best lips

Katy’s (perfect, springy) coral lip is the most subtle thing in this promo shot. If you wake up and want to wear between butterfly clips, rainbow highlights, your septum turned down, and a double-edged cat eye, Katy wants you to go for it all.

When She Embraced the Color of the Year

katy perry marsala
Splash News

Much to the delight of the two superfans pictured above, Katy wore a marsala shade on her lips at a screening of her Prismatic World Tour movie.

When She Almost Ran For Prez

katy perry bill clinton

Katy met Bill and Dub at the So The World May Hear Gala last week. This Instagram encapsulates a few things: the horrors of aging, the importance of teeth whitening, and the power – political and otherwise – of a subtle nude lip.

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