Diet pills and mall cart haircare products must be raking in far more money than we thought: somehow they can all afford to pay Kim Kardashian’s endorsement fee of $1 million dollars. You read that correctly: $1 million dollars. Although, according to emails uncovered by Radar , sometimes she settles for her minimum fee of $750,000. (Maybe only for fun products like Kim Kardashian Hollywood video game?)Kim’s fee doesn’t stop with the cold, hard cash: girl writes in some perks. Kim and her entourage get first-class hotel accommodations, a security, and an airport greeter. But our favorite perk is Kim’s “glam fee” which covers hair, makeup, stylist, and a manicurist. It also includes five first class plane tickets and one coach, presumably for the “glam squad.” The main question here is: who is the lone glam squad warrior in coach? It has to be the manicurist. Hair and makeup people can really screw you, and who knows this better than Kim Kardashian? But you can always hide your hands if the cuticles have been ripped to shreds by a resentful manicurist who always has to sit in coach, even when the stylist missed the flight on the way to Ibiza 2013.As if that isn’t enough sad Kardashian news, the emails also revealed that Kim’s endorsement fee is twice as much as her mother Kris Jenner. Anyone care to shell out a mere $500,000 for some momag-ing lessons?