Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has risen to fame in his own right since he first began glamming up the star eight years ago. Now, he’s teaming up with Kim to take that fame to the bank with a four-hour master class in Los Angeles.

On July 25, Kardashian and Dedivanovic will teach a group of aspiring makeup artists their favorite beauty tricks, words of advice for creating a thriving relationship between artists and their clients, and, of course, contouring. You can join in on the fun for a little over $300 (and really, for Kim K., that seems like a steal — after all, this is a woman who charges up to $1 million for a Twitter endorsement).

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To get the word out about the class, Dedivanovic sat down for an interview with Allure, during which he took a break from promoting to say a few gushy words about Kardashian:

“Kim is my muse. We have worked together for years and her face still inspires me to this day. I’ve never gotten bored working with her….She’s a great listener and lets me change it up from time to time. There have been so many times where I’ve done her makeup, and she hasn’t even looked in the mirror before she leaves the house!”

We all knew her face was beautiful, but inspiring? Muse-like? Can I have my own personal makeup artist just to pay me those kinds of compliments every morning? He went on to praise her “dream” eyes:

“All of her features are gorgeous, but making up her eyes is a dream. She has beautiful almond-shaped eyes and very long lashes, and she looks great with bronzy, nude shades.”

So sweet! No wonder Kardashian has kept Dedivanovic in her corner for so long. (On that note, can you imagine all the juicy drama he’s seen in the Kardashian homes over the years?) If you’re interested in attending the work shop (and don’t mind trading a few hundred dollars to hang out with the pair), tickets are still available here.

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