Honestly, bras are a blessing and a curse – they can give your girls an extra va-va-voom by lifting them up to your chin and they’re also an abominable death trap that smothers the living hell out of them. (Seriously! Wearing that thing in the summer gets them hotter than seeing Channing Tatum whip off his shirt in Magic Mike XXL). But love them or hate them, most of us don a brassier on a regular basis, which means wear and tear. So, what’s the best way to extend your bra’s lifespan? Give it a rinse! And you don’t even need to take it off – wear it right into the shower with you! Regularly rinsing a bra — just rinsing it with water, no detergent necessary — will wick away some of the build-up of body oils and dead skin, which will mean less actual washing is required.

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