I would ask if you remember that much-coveted beauty workshop hosted earlier this summer by Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, but seeing as the internet hasn’t stopped talking about it since, I’m sure it’s still rather fresh in your memory. Luckily for those of us waiting for more with bated breath, yet another nugget of information about the event has surfaced, and it’s the juiciest yet.

The latest report from the workshop front lines comes from Racked‘s Arabelle Sicardi, who attended the event and has now shared the price point and each excruciating detail of the 50-step makeup routine Dedivanovic applied to Kim’s face in front of the workshop’s eager audience. You too can have Kim’s painstaking look, if you’re willing to shell out for all the products used and then devote a significant portion of your day life to it that you can never get back as you apply various gels, creams, and brow brushes in a seemingly meaningless order. The products alone cost $1,200 altogether, but if you’d like to purchase the tools as well, they add up to a cool $1,700. Mere pocket change, obviously. If you’d like to memorize the full list from top to bottom for, cough, research purposes (it’s full of lots of beloved brands like Charlotte Tillbury, Anastasia, and MAC) you can view it here.

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