There was a buried lede in the headlines this week about Kim Kardashian “boob-boosting,” “rocking pink latex dress” in which her “breasts almost spilled” out: her new fragrance. She just launched her seventh fragrance and she’s only been in the biz since 2009. (For a little context, Taylor Swift has four fragrances, One Direction has three, and Jay-Z has one.) Not up to date on how to smell like Kim? Us either — let’s all go on a journey through time via Kim’s $$$$$ignature $$$$cent$$$.Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian (2009)A bold name for an introductory scent, Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian adopts a beauty-based strategy of “magnetic allure and enticing femininity” in a bottle. Two years after the release of her Ray J sex tape, the fans are ready to buy Kim Kardashian once again – this time for $29.19. The smell is “voluptuous” and the Kardashian is ready for her close-up.Gold (2011)By now, Kim is a jetsetter in season six of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Gold reflects that sweet, sweet reality TV limelight – that of a luxurious world traveler that gets paid a $250,000 glam fee per endorsement gig. You too can smell well-travelled with Gold’s notes of Bulgarian rose and Australian sandalwood with a dash of pink peppercorn for added spice.Love (2011)Kris Humphries breathes in the scent of his new wife Kim Kardashian as the cameras zoom in to capture him nuzzling her neck. She smells like endless love, he thinks, or perhaps its rare Egyptian tuberose. Much like the 72-day Kardashian/Humphries marriage, Love was a limited edition.Glam (2012)Perhaps as part of her campaign to be on the cover of Vogue, Kim names her first perfume of 2012 Glam. The following year she would get her very own cover and family spread, but until then, she’s hawking this “intriguing” scent created to “empower all women.”True Reflection (2012)“It’s really just about dopeness at the end of the day,” Kanye has said about his and Kim’s relationship. That dopeness shines through in True Reflection with a fruity floral blend of Italian bergamot, chocolate orchid, woods and patchouli.Pure Honey (2013)New mom Kim returns to the Earth with her first scent of 2013. “I wanted to make sure it had the little bee on it,” she told Women’s Wear Daily of Pure Honey.Fleur Fatale (2014)A few days after her nude spread in Paper Magazine, Kim unveiled perfume lucky number seven in Melbourne, Australia. The scent is “unavoidably tempting” yet “dangerously alluring.” Price and Fatale-ness TBA.

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