Kristen Bell is not like every other gorgeous blonde celebrity in Hollywood. Whether it’s her passionate love and respect for animals, her completely honest and down-to-earth dispostion, or just the way she lights up when talking about her husband and little girls, chatting with her feels like catching up with an old friend from college. Except the old friend has 100% flawless skin and is wearing a corset underneath her jumpsuit.

I had the opportunity to talk to the “Frozen” and “House of Lies” star at an event in Los Angeles where she was helping launch Neutrogena’s new HydroBoost Water Gel Facial Moisturizer. She’s a brand ambassador, and after meeting her, it’s clear that they couldn’t have found a better person to talk about good-for-you beauty products that improve your skin and give you a healthy glow.

But Bell’s beauty can’t just be attributed to good skincare. If you ask her specifically about her skin during pregnancy, she’ll immediately give all those baby hormones the credit: “When I had my girls inside me, I was getting the right hormones and I didn’t have to do anything,” she explained. But if you were to craft a perfect specimen who did everything doctors suggest to improve your health and skin, it would be Sarah Marshall — er, I mean, Kristen Bell. Seriously.

So without further ado, here are some of Kristen’s (we’re on a first name basis, obviously) lifestyle habits that keep her so happy, healthy and gorgeous. You can thank me later.

She swears by smoothies. “Since I’ve been more conscientious of making smoothies, like Vitamix smoothies of hardcore, digestable fibrous vgetables with a lot of nutrients, and since kale has reached its ultimate popularity, I have noticed my hair and nails and skin getting a little better because my folic acid has been upped,” she said. And it’s a rare day in the Shepard-Bell household that there aren’t smoothies flowing. “Everybody’s always got a blue semi-smile on their lips from the blueberries.”

She prioritizes sleep.Sleep was the one thing I wasn’t getting enough of and now I am,” Kristen said. She admits, being a mom of two little ones, she wouldn’t be able to get the sleep she needs without the support system she has. “I’m grateful that I do have a nice support system,” she said, “because I notice a difference if I get an hour less of sleep first and foremost in my skin, and a very close second, in my attitude.” 

She recognizes beauty comes from within. I asked Kristen what she wants her girls to learn about beauty, and she responded: “The thing that I will drill home before they leave the house is that it has nothing to do with your exterior, and not because I’m trying to trick them into having self-esteem, but because I honestly believe that. Happier people are prettier. It doesn’t have anything to do with the lines of your jaw, or the lines of your nose.” The truth is, she told me, one of her girls may be really into makeup, and the other may never wear an ounce of it in her life. “And I want both of them to know that that’s perfectly OK and that both of them are gorgeous.”

She doesn’t sweat her post-baby body. “I really wish I could slap some of those copywriters that label those pictures ‘Stepping Out After Baby,'” Kristen said. “Of course people leave the house after they’ve had a baby.” But when it comes to keeping your confidence amidst all the news of celebs who seemed to bounce back within five minutes, she says the key really does reside within you. “You have to let yourself off the hook, no one else can let you off the hook. So you have to take control of whatever insecurities are happening and you have to allow yourself ot just be you.” Don’t be swayed by the nonsense, and keep a realistic perspective. She’s actually wearing a corset underneath her jumpsuit, she told me — she had a baby eight weeks ago and is doing a beauty press day, so it’s comfortable and just keeping everything in place. “But when I take it off at night (or also known as when I get home from this event), I look at my extra belly skin as proof that I did something extraordinary,” Kristen said.

Laugher is her must-have beauty item. “Is it too broad to say laughter?” she mused when I asked about the one beauty item she can’t live without. “I never feel more beautiful than when I’m laughing — with someone, at my husband’s jokes, at something my friends do or my kid did. I never feel more beautiful.”

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