Get your wallets out because the rumor is true- Lady Gaga has released her makeup line, Haus Laboratories. This beauty line has been in the making for over a year now, and Lady Gaga hasn’t been short on taunting us with its release.

Gaga revealed the line officially through her campaign video, which she posted to her Instagram. The video is very Gaga-esque and shows the products that will be available to pre-sale on July 15. The line will officially launch this September and will include versatile products that can be used on cheeks, eyes, and lips. The one thing that makes Gaga’s makeup line quite different from others is that it is available exclusively on Amazon.

“The last thing the world needs is a new beauty brand.” Gaga starts off in her Instagram promotion video. “But that’s too bad.”

We might have enough beauty brands in our world, but if Gaga is making one, that sure means we’re buying it.