With full cheeks and a round chin, the cherub-like look of a round face stays eternally youthful. Lucky you!“Since round faces are naturally soft and feminine looking, I often want to romanticize their look by playing up every feature with softer tones, so that no one particular feature is emphasized, but all are included,” says New York makeup artist Nicole Bryl.

Brows:Brows are an important frame for the round face, so be sure to groom them into a subtle arch for a finishing touch. A slightly rounder brow shape brings a more cheerful look to the face, though be sure not to overdo it, for risk of entering into permanently surprised territory.Focus the arch closer to the outer end of the pupil for a dummy-proof way to add just the right amount of height, says celebrity makeup artist and YouBeauty Makeup Advisor, Fiona Stiles.

Eyes:For eyes, try a sweep of sheer color from lid to brow bone, finishing with a pump or two of an eyelash curler and a couple of coats of lengthening mascara to open up the eyes. Squiggle the brush in an “S” motion while working through lashes, to achieve the longest length possible.You can optionally add a smudge of eyeliner at the lash line for a touch of sexy smoke, or glide gel eyeliner into a fine line so as to define and enhance—not overwhelm—your curvier shape, says celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern.

Cheeks:The angelic look of round faces allows blush to truly take center stage, though applying it in a certain way will ensure that you don’t inadvertently crowd your features together with too much makeup. Instead of blushing the apples of your cheeks, look in a mirror to see where your pupils are, and start your blush at this point for a balance of color that better highlights the proportions of your face, advises Stiles.Adding a highlighting blush is another star move for round faces, which you’ll want to do with a super sheer peachy pink shade, no matter where your skintone may fall on the color spectrum. After you’ve applied your regular blush, go back and blend the highlighter in a sweeping motion above the top of your cheekbone. This subtle addition will enhance the natural swoop of a rounded cheek, adding the slightest bit of edge. “It looks gorgeous!” says Stern.Lips:Finally, opt for a creamy lipstick or soft sheen lip gloss to add a stroke of neutral illumination to your look. Lighter complexions may enjoy light pinks and chiffon peaches, while deeper complexions may find luscious nudes and sheer plums more flattering.