The defining feature of a square face shape is the strong jaw line, which adds an aura of regality and poise to the neckline.There is also equal width from the sides of the forehead and cheeks down to the jaw, creating a compelling canvas on which to highlight your favorite features.

Contour:“Because square shaped faces scream sexy, chiseled woman, I say bring on the contour, baby! Enhance all of those God-given angles and edges,” says New York makeup artist Nicole Bryl.

To keep from the unflattering “makeup look” that contour has often been branded with in the past (hello, 1980s), opt for a matte color with no shimmer that is a couple shades deeper than your natural skintone. You’ll often have more luck with regular face powder that is formulated to blend and melt into skin, instead of seeking out a product that is specifically branded as bronzer.

“The goal is to look like you’re applying a natural shadow, not like you’re applying makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist and YouBeauty Makeup Advisor, Fiona Stiles. Sweep the powder under the cheekbones and along the jaw to heighten the sculpture-like definition you have naturally.

Forehead: You can also play with the depth of your forehead, if you want to bring more attention to a pair of attractive eyes or a sparkling smile. Simply blend bronzer around the hairline with your deeper shade to create dimension, says makeup artist and hairstylist Eva Scrivo, author of “Eva Scrivo On Beauty.”

Eyes & Cheeks: When it comes to adding color, using circular shapes around your eyes will flatteringly contrast the angular frame of your face. Use a round-tipped brush to blend shadow on your eyes, and keep the shapes softer with no sharp edges.Do the same with the cheeks, swirling a pinky, peach blush on the apples if you have a lighter complexion, or a fresh, plum berry if your skintone is deeper, advises celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern.

Lips: The same concept translates to lips, as well. “Concentrate the intensity of lip color at the center of lips, blending more lightly outwards for a pretty, pouty finish. This is a big celeb trick,” says Stern.

Brows: Eyebrows often stand proud and prominent against the backdrop of a square face, in a most Hollywood-like way. Keeping your brows trimmed and gently shaped with an arch will have a face-lifting effect.Use clear mascara or brow gel to brush your brows upwards to further emphasize your face’s steep angles, and fill in if need be with a soft powder one shade lighter than your hair color. Velveteen-finish eyeshadows are often the perfect eyebrow filler.