It’s not realistic to shell out money on makeup you can only use once a year for Halloween. But there are a bunch of AFFORDABLE and colorful eyeshadow palettes out there to give you the best Halloween makeup on a budget. No sense in buying makeup only to throw it away after Halloween, right?

Use it for your festive and spooky eyeshadow makeup looks, and then you can use it after Halloween since it is a higher quality. So here’s a list of our favorite colorful palettes for a breathtaking Halloween makeup look!

James Charles X Morphe Palette

We love this palette! The colors are beautiful and super pigmented. It’s the best palette to blend with, especially with the Morphe brushes. You can make any look with the variety of colors offered. This collab with Morphe x James Charles gives you a range of 39 different colors, perfect to create any Halloween makeup look and unleash the artist in you!

Galaxy Chic BH Palette

We tried this palette last Spring, and it is killer! Every shade is perfect. It is so pigmented, and you don’t need to wet your brush to get the shimmer effect. It blends very smoothly, and the theme/names are absolutely on point. If you want a super shimmery and galaxy themed Halloween look, this is the palette for you! (Plus they didn’t forget Pluto).
The color range is brilliant. They stay on all day and are easy to layer.

Halloween Rainbow Shadow Palette by Revolution

This palette is simply beautiful. It has everything from subtle to sultry and even wild and bright colors and tones. And it’s Halloween themed so this one fits the occasion perfectly! Plus, it stays on all day and even into the next morning!

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette

Our favorite palette of this collection. It doesn’t swatch too pretty, but it’s SO gorgeously pigmented and buildable when applied with a brush. No need to use a primer. It’s super bright and blends beautifully. A little goes a long way! The only thing that caught us by surprise is that they’re not all matte. A couple of shades have a bit of shimmer, but it’s not overly noticeable in case you’re into fully matte palettes.

Totally worth the money, and we used it so many times to recreate some colorful Halloween looks. We definitely recommend this palette for Halloween makeup on a budget, since you can easily use these beautiful shades for an everyday look.

Sephora PRO Editorial Palette

These palettes are the most pigmented palettes we’ve used since Viseart. The quality is AMAZING. And they are so worth the price. I mean, you’re getting 28 shadows!

A lot of the colors are very powdery, but if you use a light hand, they blend out beautifully. Some of the really bright colors can be toned down if you use them gently, so that makes this palette very fun to use and experiment with.


No fluff here, just great quality makeup. But their long-lasting and blendable formula sells it. We also appreciate their thoughtful sourcing. This palette is bright, colorful, and affordable! Plus, vegan and cruelty-free status is a great bonus. The formula, in and of itself, is 100% buttery, blendable perfection.