The classic white t-shirt is one of the most versatile fashion staples. It provides a base to style various outfits for different occasions. Whether it’s a casual outing with your pals or a date night out that you want to dress up for slightly, a white t-shirt will always come to the rescue. Combined with the right bottoms and accessories to meet the vibes of the event you are wearing it to, it proves to be one of the most straightforward staples.

Here are a few impressive examples of how celebrities styled a simple white t-shirt. Take a tip or two from your fave name!

#1 Chic T-Shirt with Shorts:

Darling Taylor Swift totally nailed that chic look in a slit white t-shirt paired with plain shorts and her iconic red lip look. The structured bag keeps things looking fresh and kicks the outfit up a notch.

#2 Effortlessly Casual T-Shirt Dress:

Rihanna is the queen of confidence, and we’re here with proof of her comfort and confidence in the clothes she wears. She daringly opted for a large, white t-shirt as her dress and upped the look with those dramatic calf-length printed boots.

#3 Trendy T-Shirt with Long Skirt:

We couldn’t get over this gorgeous and up to the minute look that Priyanka Chopra owned with a plain white tee and a trendy pleated skirt. Keep it cohesive and high-end with a pair of sophisticated white heels.

#4 Classic T-Shirt, Jeans, and Blazer:

Victoria Beckham is the queen of pulled together street style. Here she upgraded a simple white t-shirt with mom jeans and a classy blazer. Take a cue from Mrs. Posh and grab a tailored jacket for yourself.