From the loins of We Tried It comes He Tried It, a new column where the women of YouBeauty give a male friend one of our beauty products and make him report back after using it for a week. First up, we have Nic, who tried a week with volumizing mascara:The Man:Nicholas Dahl, 22, Digital StrategistThe Product:Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara, $22What are your expectations for this product?I expected it to live up to its name and make everyone envious of my eyelashes.Day One:Tell us your general impressions: how is the usability? Were you able to use it yourself or did you need help from a friend/Google? Do you notice any results in the product? Overall, thoughts from your first time using mascara?Putting on mascara is not an easy task, trust me. I’m lucky I can still see after the number of times I poked my eyes trying to get this on. After watching various friends apply mascara in the subway and in cabs I figured it couldn’t be too hard, but I was wrong. If I wasn’t poking my eyes with the brush, I was getting the mascara on my undereye, near my brow, and during my clumsiest attempt on my cheek. I did have to ask a friend if I was supposed to put mascara on my lower eye lash and the answer was yes.Once I had finally applied the mascara successfully I was surprised at how normal and subtle it looked. It made my eyes look bigger, which I guess is a positive, but it did look a little strange up close because the mascara was black and I have light brown hair and very fair skin.Day Three:Notice any results? Is it any easier to use? Overall thoughts?Everytime I use the mascara, the application gets a little easier. I’m starting to get the hang of it and have developed a technique: go slow, use a mirror, blink into the brush, don’t glob, be patient, less is more. The first day I wore it I was wearing glasses so no one really noticed the mascara. I’ve started wearing my contacts and people have been commenting on my blue eyes. Maybe the mascara is helping to draw attention?Day Seven: Pros and cons to wearing mascara? Will you continue to use this? Would you buy it?Wearing mascara didn’t make me feel sexier. Honestly, after I had put it on I forgot it was there. Although I have gotten used to applying mascara, I still think it is incredibly hard to use. I’m not the most coordinated guy and it’s been obvious that I am lacking the fine motor skills needed to apply this product daily. I don’t think I’ll continue using this product, but I’d be interested in maybe trying out a lighter color like brown.Did anyone else notice you were wearing mascara?As I said earlier most people didn’t notice the mascara, but several people commented on my eyes which isn’t normal. I think the best reaction to the product was when a colleague of mine asked why I had a black eye after the mascara had somehow gotten on my undereye.Thanks, Nic!Related Articles:  He Tried It: Kale Uses a Sonic Facial BrushFrom Navy to Neon: How to Make Colored Mascara Work for You