Yep, even Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated models get body shamed.Sara Sampaio took to Instagram recently after one too many commenters criticized her body — for being too skinny. She shared a selfie and wrote “I’m proud of my body and I’m not gonna let any of you bully me just because I’m skinny! Every body is different, and every metabolism is different.”According to People, Sampaio has been a champion for body positivity, writing:

“U don’t see [models] shaming other bodies so please don’t come and shame ours! Be happy with your body and stop shaming others! Whether they are skinny fat, fit, with big boobs, small boobs etc! Don’t share hate! Be happy.”

The hate is directed at Sampaio in part due to a promotion for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. In a video posted on Victoria Secret’s Instagram account, Sampaio mentioned that she admires the body of fellow Angel, Candice Swanepoel. “If I put up a picture of Candice, I’m like ‘I want to have that body’” she said.  “But not in a million years am I gonna have that body, because my bone structure isn’t built like her.”As the blog Jezebel put it, “[I]t’s really just one model talking about how another model is so totally sexy in an unobtainable way.”To be honest, it seems like being a model kinda sucks. If the commenters aren’t asking you to take your clothes it, they’re telling you to eat a burger. You really can’t win. (At least you have your hotness to comfort you through the controversy?)Related Articles: Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Top 5 Exercise MovesVictoria’s Secret’s ‘Perfect Body’ Campaign Hit A Sour Note