Is a man’s bathroom the window to his soul? I know ladies who prefer to shower at the gym than use their man’s nasty towels, whereas for some dudes – the American Psychos – there’s such a thing as too clean. Then there’s the bathroom habits: According to a survey by Dollar Shave Club, 46% of men use their phone on the toilet, and they spend at least eight minutes in there…texting. Men’s Grooming Day has been created to honor the men who do it right and nudge those who need a little guidance. For those in the latter category, we asked our team of beauty experts to share their favorite men’s grooming products.

1Clarisonic Alpha Fit


Men have tougher skin than women, so they need a deeper clean to keep skin clear and acne-free. The Clarisonic Alpha Fit clears away sweat, dirt and oil, leaving skin smooth and soft. For clean-shaven men, the Clarisonic preps the skin for a closer shave, while men with beards can rest assured knowing that their scruff got a thorough cleansing. It’s definitely a must-have for all men, especially since it’s easily portable and perfect for traveling or going to the gym. –-Julie  // Clarisonic, $189

2Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

aveda men

I am obsessed with this stuff, because it provides a little extra oomph to a dude’s hair without getting too weighed down. The best part is that it smells amazing! I’ve always been an Aveda fan when it comes to my own hair, so it’s a no-brainer that I’d suggest the brand for men as well. It also works great for ladies with pixie cuts or shorter locks! –Claire // Aveda, $24

3Davidoff Cool Water Eau de Toilette for Men

davidoff cool water

I love the smell of a man, especially when it’s all over my body…aka when I douse my body in an amazing masculine scent! I’m obsessed with Davidoff’s Cool Water because it’s a perfect balance of the cool, relaxed freshness of lavender and jasmine and the warm, seductive muskiness of cedar and amber. Seriously, guys. Wearing this will leave the ladies swooning – it’s basically an aroma that says, “Girl, I am a strong man who can bench press a Mack truck, but I have the tenderness of Casanova.” –Rebekka // Davidoff, $76

4Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Badger Brush

shave brush
Van Der Hagen

Lord Byron once called shaving “A daily plague” and I felt the same way until I started caring about my shave brush. My course, unruly beard grows in whatever direction it pleases, and drugstore brands and their synthetic fibers just don’t measure up. All you need is your razor, a favorite soap, and a warm-water faucet, and suddenly your daily plague has been cured. –Sam // Van der Hagen, $16.99

5Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Wax Pomade

Ken Paves

If your man makes fun of your $70 eye cream, it’s time to introduce him to the wonder of Ken Paves – a celeb-endorsed, salon-quality line made exclusively for Walmart. Are You Beautiful is vegan, sulfate- and paraben-free. Ken styles David Beckham’s hair, so this pomade is certainly good enough for your boo.  –– Leah // Ken Paves, $16.98

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