There’s cause for celebration this week among the 16 million or so people in this country who suffer from rosacea. The inflammatory skin condition causes extreme redness (as well as visible blood vessels and blemishes) on the forehead, nose and cheeks. And until now, there’s been no fast fix for the flushing.MORE: The Science Behind RosaceaBut this week, the FDA approved a new topical gel called Mirvaso that helps to reduce redness. In clinical trials, more than 550 patients used either Mirvaso or a non-medicated gel once a day. The subjects who were using the real thing saw “significantly greater improvement,” according to a release from Galderma, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Mirvaso.The researchers theorize that it may work by constricting the dilated blood vessels that are the redness-causing culprits. It works quickly to quell redness and the effects can last for up to 12 hours—long enough to get you through a full day of important meetings and a hot date, all without blushing.“This is a really big deal because it’s the first drug to ever be approved to treat facial redness,” says Joel Cohen, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology at University of Colorado. “It will help eliminate embarrassing flushing—like when President Clinton [who suffers from rosacea] went red in the face while testifying about Monica Lewinsky.”Of course, like all drugs, this one isn’t without the potential for negative side effects. But in a year-long study of 276 patients, only 4 percent suffered any adverse reactions, such as flushing, redness, burning sensations or headache. It’s approved for people 18 and older and your dermatologist will be able to start writing you a prescription for it as of September 2013.This new wonder drug isn’t going to actually “cure” anyone of rosacea, which is considered a chronic disease. Nor will it alleviate some of the other symptoms, such as breakouts. But for anyone who’s tired of looking embarrassed all the time, this topical gel could be a game changer.MORE: DIY Inflammation-Cooling Mask