Being in the fashion industry since she was 14, it’s not surprising that Crystal Renn has picked up some genius, behind-the-scenes beauty tricks.

In an interview with Into the Gloss, the 28-year-old model spoke about her stint in beauty school as a teen (which actually lead to her modeling career) and give some tips about the makeup look she’s sporting for a night out in NYC. Among her product recommendations and application tips, Renn shared this great trick to get lips smoother and plumper:

I have this lip trick—I have these exfoliating witch hazel pads, and I do like a real scrub with them on my lips. I go inside the mouth, which brings blood forth to the lips, and if you’re doing a natural lip, you don’t even need any color with this. You look like you just had Botox, which I won’t do. But if I need bigger lips immediately, for a shoot or something, I can do this, and it really works.

Renn also notes that she uses the antibiotic ointment Neosporin on her pucker instead of lip balm. Another fun fact: She uses mascara on her eyebrows, but doesn’t wear it on her lashes. Seems a little bass ackwards, but hey, she looks amazing, so it may just be a genius idea!

You can read the rest of Renn’s interview at Into the Gloss here.

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