As we enter the second week of November, you may have noticed a facial hair phenomenon surrounding the men in your life.That would be the Movember Effect.In case you’re not familiar, Movember is a fundraising effort for prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. These “Mo Bros” start out clean shaven on November 1st and grow their moustaches all month long, raising money through sponsorship of their ‘staches. It is both awesome and hilarious.What is less fun is kissing one of these bros during his hirsute month. We asked Beverly Hills facialist Sonya Dakar (who counts Gwyneth and Leo as clients) for some tips in dealing with the skin irritation that comes hand in hand with facial hair makeouts.MORE: How to Get Rid of Your Facial HairHere’s her advice:Make sure your guy is washing his face twice daily with a soft cleanser and hydrating with a moisturizer. This will help soften the hair making it feel less prickly on the skin.Before you get intimate, wash your face and apply an oil-based hydrator. Dakar recommends her Omega-3 Repair Complex, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This will create a barrier of protection on the skin.If your skin is getting irritated from your man’s facial hair make sure to hydrate often with a soothing moisturizer that will calm skin down and sooth any rashes or skin irritation. Ingredients like vitamin E, bergamot, green tea and ceramides can help.Now get out there and show your man and his mo some love!QUIZ: Keeping Your Skin Healthy?