Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift may have committed to the long bob as a signature look, but us normals get to experiment with our hairstyles with the added benefit of leaving the salon sans paparazzi. The con? We don’t all have access to celebrity stylists – or as we like to call them, guardian angels – to make sure our every hair choice is flawless. Thankfully, we borrowed Tara Smith, creator of Tara Smith Haircare and celebrity stylist behind locks the likes of Rosario Dawson and Demi Moore. We asked if the lob was over, and true to form, the Brit didn’t hold back.

“The lob is over – because everyone is doing it!” says Tara, “I believe the new style will be a ‘mullet lob’, a mullet infused with a lob.” To get this look – which Rita Ora has already nailed – layer the crown of your hair, and keep your original lob length on the bottom. Sounds crazy, but did you ever think you’d be going platinum? If you need some time to warm up to the mullet but still want to freshen up your look, Tara suggests adding a long, chopped bang.

So what’s a gal to do while she’s growing out her party in the back? For growing from a pixie or crop to a longer style, focus on products and accessories. Tara recommends her  Rock On Hard Gel – perfect for slicking hair back, parting it or combing to the side for a sleek style. If you’re headed back to Rapunzel lengths, focus on adding volume and texture to your style in the meantime. (Try Tara’s Brilliant Thickening Cream to add a little bounce!) Don’t forget that trusty hats, from a summery straw hat to a chic leather baseball cap, are always a solid Plan B. Good luck and we’ll see you and your mullets at the nearest motorcycle bar.

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