As the new year settles in, we make goals, set achievements, and hope for the best. These dreams are usually financial, romantic, or health-related. Why not make some skincare resolutions?

Your skin is part of your body and takes part in its overall function, so it should be a priority. Even if you’re not a skincare junkie, you can transform your skin by focusing on certain things you want and need.

Everyone’s skin is different so before making your skincare goal, reassess your skin and your current routine. You may have gotten into a skincare rut. You found something you like, that’s affordable, or that doesn’t break you out, so you’ve been repurchasing it for years.

That is all fine and well, but your skin probably isn’t the same as it was years ago or even months ago. Our skin constantly changes due to hormones, weather, diets, and more. It is important to stay on top of the products you’re using so that what you purchase offers the most potent results.

Something that may have worked wonders for your skin in the summer months could be just fine now, but it isn’t giving you everything it could be.

Take some time to really address your skin’s concerns. Wash your face with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser and wait about an hour. Does your skin feel dry and tight? Is your t-zone oily? Does your face look red or irritated?

Based on how your skin feels naturally, build your skin resolutions off of that.

Do you have sun damage? 

If so, build your routine around preventing further damage with a quality sunscreen. Find serums that treatment dark spots and discoloration to combat any visible darkness.

Is your skin dry?

Your resolution could be achieving a healthy glow. Make a point to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and add a serum with hyaluronic acid into your routine.

Is your skin oily?

Work on combating those oils by regulating your skin’s oil production. Look at the ingredients in your current routine. Is there anything with heavy oils or thick butters? These could be too heavy for you. Also, check for drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or retinols. These could be overdrying your skin, leading to an overproduction of oil. And opt for an oil-based cleanser to balance out the excess production and keep your skin normal.

Are you breaking out?

Make it a resolution to see a dermatologist. Bring a list of the products you use to your appointment. Better yet, bring them with you so your doctor can study the ingredients. Let them know what medications you’re taking, what your diet is like, how much sleep you get, your stress level, your water intake. You might think your doctor would know to ask these questions, but not everyone is prepared with answers, so they often prescribe something you may not need.

By providing them with all relevant information, you are helping them determine the cause of your breakouts so you can treat that, not just the symptoms.

Are you just looking to change things up?

Maybe your routine is fine, and you have relatively clear skin but are craving a change. You don’t need to overhaul your whole routine. Try a new mask every once in a while. Always check the ingredients for anything too harsh. Masks are great because they can offer a lot of benefits, but if you don’t react well, they rinse off so they won’t cause too much trouble for you either. This way, you get to try new things without the risk of overspending or reacting too badly.