Most of us know Sephora as a luxury beauty retailer. If we want our favorite brow products or lipstick, we head over, planning to spend a pretty penny. We don’t go there for deals.

You might go to Target or Ulta for some drugstore brand products, but Sephora is picky about the brands they sell. Sephora wants to make sure you walk away impressed no matter how much you spend.

But Sephora isn’t all high-end all the time. The store does sell some more affordable brands that still provide effective products.

Skincare and makeup don’t have to be expensive to work well. Although you can buy products for more than double these prices in the next aisle over, next time you’re in Sephora, check out these brands.

The low prices do not mean a thing, except that you’re getting a good deal.

Sephora Collection (Shop here)

You probably expected this if you’ve ever shopped at Sephora, but it is such an underrated brand. The Sephora Collection is the house brand, and it always flies under the radar. With more than 400 products, this brand offers high-quality skincare and makeup.

The makeup brushes are terrific quality and long-lasting. Any tools you buy from the Sephora Collection will hold up to being tossed in your handbag. It offers more color options than you would expect for a store brand and even offers exclusive sales.

Some of the brand’s best products are the Best Skin Ever Liquid Foundation (Shop here) and the Vegan Hydrating Lip Balm (Shop here). Not only do these products offer intense quality and effectiveness, but the bargains are unbeatable.

The Inkey List (Shop here)

The Inkey List is a cult favorite skincare brand selling result-driven products for a fraction of the price you normally see at Sephora. With basic packaging, the focus is on the ingredients, not the marketing. Everything from eye creams to lotions and cleansers sells for $15 or less.

There is also something available for every skin type. Whether you are acne-prone, dry, oily, or want some anti-aging, there is something for you. Plus, the brand is cruelty-free, with vegan options available.

One of The Inkey List’s bestsellers is the Salicylic Acid Acne + Pore Cleanser (Shop here). This cleanser is lightly foaming, and gentle yet helps with oil control, blackheads, and breakout reduction and promotes a more even-looking complexion.

Lys Beauty (Shop here)

Lys Beauty is not super well known in the industry, but it is a well-priced and adorable makeup brand. It has unique rose gold-themed packaging, and the most expensive item is only $22. The brand’s products are highlighted with the clean at Sephora label, meaning they are free from concerning ingredients.

Even though Lys Beauty is still up and coming, its Triple Fix Serum Foundation (Shop here) already won an Allure Best of Beauty Award.

The Ordinary (Shop here)

The Ordinary is a clinically formulated skincare line similar to The Inkey List but offers an even more extensive collection. Although the brand has had some controversy in the past due to strange before from the former owner, the products never fail to impress users.

By selling effective serums for under $15, this brand brings affordable and impressive products to the masses. There isn’t any fancy packaging or luxurious vibes as this brand is focused on the formulas and how well they work.

One of the best-selling items that sells out regularly is the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Hydrating Serum (Shop here). This vegan serum is the perfect product for anyone seeking more hydration under their moisturizer.