Winter isn’t just magically filled with snow. The brisk winds outside and the dry heat inside often lead to flaky and ashy skin all over your body.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also be itchy and scaly and, honestly, annoying.

The good news is you don’t need to invest in the world’s most expensive moisturizer to get relief from winter dryness. The drugstore has a plethora of amazing body lotions that will do your skin good.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream (Shop here)

For those who want the thickest of creams for the driest skin, this tub of goodness is the best. It offers deep moisture to treat dry skin and restore it to its glowy glory. With oats and ceramides, this cream lasts a long time and is gentle for all skin types. There is no fragrance either, which is critical. Dry skin that is cracked can quickly become irritated by fragrance.

Dove Beauty Body Love Intense Care Body Lotion (Shop here)

If you want a classic lotion that is lightweight but won’t absorb right before your eyes, this is perfect. It lasts on the skin all day but never feels thick or sticky. There are other options without fragrance, but this is the best to treat dry skin. With a handy pump, this is super easy to slather on after a shower or bath to soak in all that moisture.

Eucerin Original Healing Cream (Shop here)

Eucerin takes it back to the basics. If you want something that feels more medical and less luxurious, this cream is intense. This cream is dermatologist-created and meant for dry skin that is painful and itchy. If you have eczema or another dry skin condition, this can go a long way to improve the discomfort that comes along. Without fragrances or dyes, this is best for even the most sensitive skin types.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Fragrance Free Body Gel Cream (Shop here)

For all those that hate dry skin but hate the feeling of heavy cream, even more, this is the lotion of lotions. It is a gel-cream texture, so it absorbs so fast you’ll never know it was even there besides the fact that your skin smells great and feels smooth.

The bright blue packaging will boost your mood, while the light scent makes you feel like you’re in a fancy spa. If you don’t like fragrances, they also have a fragrance-free version for those with more sensitive skin. Neutrogena is looking out for you.

Cantu Body Cream – Shea Butter (Shop here)

Cantu skin therapy is luxurious, creamy, and long-lasting. The brand makes both shea butter and cocoa butter versions of this cream, and both offer such intense moisture your skin will be glowing. This cream features oils that penetrate the skin and provide the care and attention that dry skin needs. Both options also smell like heaven. Your partner, friends, and coworkers will be asking you what that fragrance is because it is so delicious. Plus, this is dermatologist-approved and cruelty-free. Does it get better than that?

Say goodbye to your dry winter skin with these affordable lotions and creams. No matter what you prefer, there is something that will work wonders for smoothing and hydrating your skin.

If you still aren’t sure which to try, why not try them all? You won’t regret it, and neither your skin. In fact, it will be thanking you.