It’s no secret that a woman’s fragrance can leave a lasting impression.Studies have shown that long-forgotten memories and feelings are instantly evoked with a single whiff of a familiar scent. So why not make your signature perfume a standout in the vast sea of olfactory notes?MORE: Perfumes For Every Time of DayNiche fragrances—produced in much smaller runs than their mainstream counterparts—are more accessible than ever, thanks to online beauty boutiques. Though often more expensive, they incorporate purer ingredients, essences, and oils (and are often free of alcohol) so a little goes a long way. “Unlike traditional, alcohol-based scents, oil versions become stronger throughout the day,” says Leilani Bishop, a model and creator of Leilani Bishop Fragrance Oils. “The warmth of your skin actually opens them up, like a flower, so they linger.”People paranoid of repelling fellow commuters will also appreciate their more subtle effects. “It’s not about smelling a woman from across the room the second she enters,” Bishop says. “It’s that more intimate moment, when she leans in and greets you hello with a double kiss.” Here, our favorite picks.