A day at the beach sounds like a dream to most kids, but parents know that slathering them with SPF can be a full time job on a day that’s meant to be relaxing. If you’re able to  catch your child to apply sunscreen before they immediately start frolicking through the sand, lucky you!

With this in mind , the geniuses over at Nivea have a new toy to teach children the importance of sunscreen. As the advertising blog AdAge explains, it’s a UV-sensitive doll that “burns” in the sun to show the immediate effects of sunburn on their skin. Here’s a cute video of families being surprised with the dolls on the beaches of Rio de Janiero:

When exposed to the sun without any sunscreen on, this toy doll turns a painfully bright shade of red, mimicking the color of a truly bad burn (which is kind of creepy, if you ask me). However, when you apply sunscreen on the doll’s “skin,” the redness completely disappears.

Many children learn through visuals, so this couldn’t be a better way to teach kids about the wonders of SPF Also, it’s not a bad way to distract your child while you slather him/her with some SPF. You’re killing two birds with one stone, people! There’s no word yet if the doll will be up for sale, but we hope so.

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